More Alexander Wang look-a-like’s

Faldt over endnu en Alexander Wang look-a-like, igen igen igen fra Asos. De er med paa tendenserne maa man sige! 😉 Mener at A Wang’s ‘kjole’ koster 320£, mens Asos alternative budgetfund koster 20£. Det er en pris man ikke kan have noget imod! Find den lige her.


2 responses to “More Alexander Wang look-a-like’s

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, you have made my day! 🙂
    I really enjoy your blog as well, since you seem to have the same taste in fashion as me, you fill me with lots of inspiration. I will definitely pop by once in a while and add you in my bloglist.
    Have a lovely weekend and keep up the good work.
    Kram Hanna

    PS. I understand danish but can’t speak it 🙂

  2. Thank you so much aswell! 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Kram Cathrine

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