Lace dress (and some summer, please!)

Jeg vil rigtig gerne have en hvid blondekjole i stil med denne, som vil vaere perfekt til sommer og sol (hvis det nogenside kommer..). Der er 11 grader idag – og det er den 13. maj? Det er i maj maaned at det plejer at vaere mere sommervejr end foraarsvejr, og man kan have bare ben og sandaler. Hvis man proever det nu, er det eneste man faar, en god gang forkoelelse..

I would like to have a lace dress similar to this one, which will be perfect for summer parties and sunny weather (if the summer ever comes..). It’s 11 degrees today and it’s the 13th of May?! Last year I had bare legs and used sandals by now, but if I try, the only result would be a serious cold. Great..


2 responses to “Lace dress (and some summer, please!)

  1. I know! What the — has happened to spring? It’s freeeeeezing. And all we ask for is to be able to use gorgeous dresses like these…

  2. Totally with you! The weather is so annoying, and I think it’s a bit scary as well. What if the summer never comes? Grrrr.. It is a very gorgeous dress! 🙂

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