South England

I morgen saetter vi ruten mod Sydengland, Brighton for at vaere helt praecis her over weekenden til paa mandag. Normalt er klimaet dernede varmt og taet op ad Frankrigs klima, da England og Frankrig ligger saa taet paa hinanden. Men da efteraaret er ved at saette ind herovre, kommer weekenden nok til at staa paa regn mere end sol – you gotta love the English weather. Billedet er fra en tur tidligt paa aaret – masser af blaest as you can see 😉 Vi ses paa mandag!

Tomorrow my family and I are going to Brighton over the Bank holiday, and I’m a bit worried about the weather. It’s normally bright and sunny in Brighton (ha ha, bright, Brighton..), but due to the current autumn like weather, I think it’s going to be windy and rainy instead. The pic is from a trip earlier this year, you gotta love the English weather 😉 See ya Monday!


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